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The mission of the Maybrook Fire Department shall strive for excellence in the performance of our duty and in the service we provide to all citizens. We shall be an organization of men and women who hold devotion to duty above personal risk. We will accomplish our mission through prevention, fire suppression, first response medical services, hazard mitigation, training and other related emergency and non-emergency activities. Ethical values will remain the core of every decision made by each member of our Department. We, the members of the Maybrook Fire Department, are a team of dedicated volunteers bonded together for the purpose of protecting lives and property within and around our community

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Members turn out to support Past Chief Max McComb

Sunday, October 16, 2016   Members came in full force this past Sunday October 16th to support Past Chief Max McComb who is battling ALS ( Lou Gehrig's Disease). Thank you to all the members who were able to make this special event. We as a department are proud of our past and current members. Great Job to all who participated. 



E 218 Wet Down

Saturday, September 19, 2015   September 19th at 1:00 will be the wet down for E218. Following the wet down will be a block party with a live band. Everyone is welcome to come out and help us celebrate our new apparatus.



E-218 In Service

Monday, May 11, 2015  As of 5/8/15 our newest addition is in service. E-218 is a Spartan ERV engine. IT has a 1,000gallon water tank 40 gallon foam tank. It has a 1500gpm Darley pump with Darley C.A.F.S. system. It has a 6 seat cab. It has a Amkus 240 SS Super Simo unit. E-218 is An almost identical twin to E-210 which is a 2012 Spartan ERV.



Maybrook Fire Department 2013 Year In Review

Maybrook FD Review

Monday, September 8, 2014  Maybrook Fire Department 2013 Year of Review.



Department Runs Commercial Building Fire 4 Alarm

Saturday, June 28, 2014  After a busy morning mutual aid call to Mechanicstown Fire District for a structure, Maybrook was toned out once again for a fire but this time it was in our First Due at Taylor Recycling Facility on Neelytown Rd. Upon arrival of Maybrook Car 3 there was a heavy black smoke conditions that could actually be seen for miles. Car 3 quickly had Orange 911 sound for a 2nd alarm fire. Engine 210 was the first due engine on scene and quickly established a water supply by the hydrant located right outside of Taylor Recycling, 2nd Due was Maybrook Tanker who came in to supply Engine 210 with water as well and also hook up to supply Montgomery FD Ladder truck.  A 3rd alarm was sounded and then once again for a tanker task force that came to a 4th alarm.  Coldenham set up a drafting site right in at Taylor at a pond and Campbell Hall had water supply also setup with water ponds for tankers to drop and go.  Fire was knocked down really quick by Maybrook and mutual aid companies.  Fire was accidentally started by material being lit from sparks coming from welding.

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young


Tanker and Car 3 Runs 2nd Alarm Fire in 27's District.

Saturday, June 28, 2014  Maybrook was dispatched at 0251hrs to a 2nd alarm structure fire at 140 Casimer Rd. in the Mechanicstown Fire District ( 27 ) , Tanker 211 and Car 3 both responded with a full crew. Crews from Tanker 211 helped open up and hit hot spots with firefighters from Mechanicstown as well as other mutual fire companies.

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young

Photo by MECFD Asst. Chief Johnny Young


Back To Back Mutual Aid To Walden For Working Fires

 On March 6th around midnight Walden responded to a reported structure fire. Command was set up for a working fire. Tanker 211 was requested for stand-by then went to the scene. On March 7th around 5:00 Pm Walden received a call for another structure fire with the house filling with smoke. Tanker 211 was requested for stand-by at Walden station 1. The first fire was a four alarm fire and the second fire was a second alarm fire. Many other companies assisted at both fires.



Rescue, Engine Run Motor Vehicle Accident Rt. 208

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 18:05hrs At 18:05hrs Orange County Communications dispatched members to a motor vehicle accident with injuries on State Route 208 and Neelytown Rd. Car 1 and 2 along with Heavy Rescue 214, Engine 210 responding to the scene, Walden Fire Chiefs were on scene prior to Maybrook units and helped keep traffic flowing while crews were setting up. Upon crews found 1 car that crashed into a trailer that was towing a vehicle behind a RV.  Crews from Heavy Rescue 214 were tasked with cutting the battery connection, mitigating fluid spill resulting from the accident and traffic control through the scene. Scene was turned over to Montgomery and Maybrook PD.



Maybrook Runs Mutual Aid House Fire

Monday, February 24, 2014  Around 2:30PM Campbell Hall Fire Department responded to a chimney fire on Scotchtown Ave. Upon arrival, crews found fire throughout the attic of a single family residence. Maybrook was dispatched originally with 1 engine to standby in quarters for the 1st alarm box assignment. Campbell Hall Car 1 requested Maybrook's tanker to respond to the scene as well as other multiple departments with a tanker, Tanker 211 with a full crew along with Car 1 responded. Our Engine 210 was reassigned to transfer from in quarters to Campbell Hall for the coverage assignment, while enroute to there station Engine 210 ran a medical call in Campbell Hall.

Upon arrival of Car 1 and Tanker 211 crew were put to work assisting Campbell Hall crews inside opening up and knocking down heavy fire in the attic. Crews from Campbell Hall and Maybrook were evacuated from the building and a master stream was put into operation for a short while knocking heavy fire coming out of the roof, crews finally reentered the building to knock down remaining fire as well as extensive overhaul.

Maybrook Car 1 was assigned water supply operations upon arriving on scene.



Maybrook FD Needs You!, To help us clear hydrants.

Sunday, February 16, 2014  Maybrook Fire Department needs help from the residents of the fire district. Winter snow storms have been upon and the region has been dumped recently with a lot of snow. We ask all residents to please help us and adopt a fire hydrant near your residents to clear out of snow. This doesn't fully eliminate our manpower to go out to shovel hydrants but it helps you and your neighbors in case of a house fire.

Snow on fire hydrants can be a hindrance to emergency workers — and the snow we've had of late has piled up on hydrants in some spots.

While it hasn't caused a problem yet for our fire department, We wwould like to reassure that our community is safe. 

Remember a fire doubles in size with each additional minute, Any minute we spend uncovering a hydrant is another minute we can't spend attacking a fire.

Even if the top of the hydrant is uncovered we still have to take the time to dig out all around it to connect the hose.

Residents can make a big difference by simply clearing hydrants of snow.

"If homeowners who have hydrants on their property can spend a few minutes, they can help us out by digging it out a little bit."

Thank you from the Maybrook FD.

Hydrant in our Fire District covered with snow barely seeing the top.

Hydrant in our Fire District covered
      with snow barely seeing the top.

Our hydrant in our district that a resident shoveled. "This will prevent the inevitable."

Our hydrant in our district that a
      resident shoveled. "This will prevent
      the inevitable."


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